Advanced Cataract Surgery Faqs

Advanced Cataract Surgery

What is a Cataract?

Cataract is an age related opacification of the clear human lens

How do you treat Cataract?

It can be easily treated by replacing the opacified lens with an intraocular lens.(IOL)

Should I be admitted in the hospital for my surgery?

If you are from a far off place and cannot reach the hospital by 9.00 AM then preferably you can get admitted the previous night,in case you want to come directly in the morning remember to use the drops as suggested by your doctor before you reach the hospital.

Once your surgery is done you can relax for a couple of hours in our recovery room and then leave

Will my cataract surgery be painful?

No.Usually the procedure in done under local anesthesia after giving a small injection prick below your lid and you are conscious throughout the procedure.PHACO can however be done under Topical anesthesia if the patient is co-operative.this avoids the injection prick.

How do you remove the Cataract?

The technique of removal of the opacified lens can be through a Small inscion cataract surgery SICS (5-6mm) or PHACOEMULSIFICATION surgery (2-3mm)

What is the significance of size of the inscion in Cataract sugery?

The lesser the size of inscion the better the wound healing and earlier the recovery.Lesser chances of complication and postoperative astigmatism.

How do I choose the surgical procedure?

Generally If your cataract is soft and not fully mature you can opt for the newer PHACO Technique and for mature and hard cataracts SICS is still the preferred technique.However your Surgeon will decide on this after a comprehensive evaluation of the eye.

How do I choose my IOL for implantation?
  • IOLs can be hard or soft : Soft ones are newer and better tolerated and have less chances of developing PCO
  • Rigid or Foldable : Rigid lenses need larger inscion for implantation where as foldable would need lesser inscion sizes
  • Monofocal or Multifocal : Monofocal IOLs correct vision only for distance and you will need to use glasses for near work. Multiocal IOLs on the other hand can provide glasses free vision for distance,intermediate and near work
What are the possible complications of cataract surgery?

Complications rate in cataract surgery is very less and the possible complication are PCO,PCR,Infection etc in which most of them are easily managed by an experienced surgeon

What is a PCO?

While your surgeon performs the cataract surgery and removes the opacified lens ,he retains a delicate capsule behind the lens to provide support for the IOL being some patients this capsule may opacify over a period of time after the surgery.This is called PCO-Posterior capsular opacification

How do you manage a PCO?

The opacification in the posterior capsule can easily be manged with a laser therapy clearing of the opacified area in the path of vision

What are the precautions I should take after my Cataract surgery?
  • It is advisable to wear protective glasses to avoid any dust or contamination on to the operated eye till the wound heals
  • It is better not take a hairwash till 2 weeks after surgery
  • Use all the medications prescribed by the doctor for 4 weeks
What is the follow-up Schedule after my cataract surgery?
  • Visit 1: Next day of surgery or Evening after your surgery
  • Visit 2: 1 week after your surgery,drops frequency would be reduced from this visit
  • Visit 3: 5 weeks after your surgery,all medications would be stopped after this visit
Will I need to wear glasses after my cataract surgery?

In majority of the cases you may not need glasses for distant vision and may need use glasses for near work,this can also be avoided if you opt for a multifocal IOL.

What are the indications of complications and what should I do when I notice them?

Excessive pain and redness, lid swelling and decreased vision should alert you immediately and you should take an emergency consultation with your doctor.

How long after my cataract surgery can I get back to my regular work?

2 weeks in case of SICS surgery provided your work is not physically strenuous, any active physical work will have to wait till 5 weeks. 3 to 5 days of rest is sufficient in case of PHACO surgery.

Can I Watch TV ,work on my Computer and read books after my surgery?

Yes, you can do all these in moderation for a limited time period(1-3hrs not at a stretch) for atleast I month after your surgery and then get back your routine.

Do I have any Dietary restrictions after my surgery?

No, you can have your regular diet as normal unless advised specifically for any other systemic condition

Please to contact our doctor directly for further details and clarifications at or call on 9440931113.